CryptoYC is glad to work together with the talent who is smart,honest and good at independent thinking

  • Technical researcher

    Description:1. Track industry technology development, compile and summarize industry technology news and development trend information. 2.Conduct basic technical analysis and research on potential investment targets. 3.To translate and write research reports on blockchain technology.

    Requirement:1. Familiarity with the underlying architecture of the blockchain. 2. have strong research and innovation ability; 3. have good knowledge of basic computer theory and be able to output high-quality engineering code; 4. be familiar with common network devices and security protection devices, understand their working principles, and master targeted attack methods. 5. Master's degree or higher from 985 or 211 universities, majoring in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science or information engineering.

  • Senior investment manager

    Description:1. Fund portfolio design, research and development of asset allocation scheme; 2. Fund position management; 3. Fund net value accounting; 4. Fund daily report writing, including but not limited to weekly report, monthly report and annual report; 5. Research on encrypted asset market structure; 6. Developing and maintaining good relationship with partners, government departments and customers.

    Requirement:1. Full time bachelor degree or above, major in finance, accounting and other related majors; 2. Familiar with the operation rules and operation logic of capital market; 3. Over 25 years old, with more than 3 years of portfolio management experience; 4. With secondary market public offering and private fund management experience is preferred; 5. CFA holder is preferred.